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My username is suppose to be read as bonsai psycho.

Horror cinema died in 1993. Only 12 good films have been released since then (most of them in 1994, being already recorded by 1993). Horror achieved its creative peak in films like Halloween, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and The Thing, elevating the genre into a legitimate art form. Now, thanks to Eli Roth and Rob Zombie, all its potential was squandered and the genre has been reduced into being mere gimmick ridden background noise for drunk idiots (i.e. the lowest common denominator - stop trying to turn horror movies into a Steven Spielberg production).

NWOBHM is not a genre or style, it's a "wave", a movement, a huge number of bands coming out at the same time or in few months or years.

Genre is Heavy Metal, and the styles were very different from band to band, some more "hard rock" some more doom, some more speed etc., but we can say heavy metal, on the contrary of the previous decade bands that were hard rock, except for Judas Priest (from second album), obviously.

So that acronym in the "genre" field is quite senseless and useless.

We can understand if a band was from the NWOBHM simply from the year of their debut album (or single or demos etc.) and the nationality: if it was in the UK and came out - or better, released something - from 1980 and 1982 (some include also 1983...but none other than totally idiots could include 1984 or later) it's/was obviously a NWOBHM band.

Moreover, one could almost understand the use of that label only, if a band's activity lasted just for the few years which actually correspond to the NWOBHM. But for bands that have continued their careers also in the following years or even until nowadays, it's really silly to write just that and not also "Heavy Metal", or better yet just this latter.