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BloodOfChrist's profile

Metal demon 
Email address:
Full name:
Kenny Jockel 
United States 

Feel free to email me at the address above if you have any questions/comments or if you just want to discuss metal. However, if you do email me please put "Metal-Archives" or "BloodOfChrist" in the subject of the email.

Sorry if I take some time to reply to emails, ive been extremely busy. Feel free to add me on Facebook (search my name, Kenny Jockel, in New York, not to be confused with my also-musician cousin Kenny Jockel in New Jersey.

Check out my youtube channel for rare, live and unreleased material from some extremely underrated bands, focusing on the MASSIVE Northeast Ohio Metal scene of olde (thats where ive been able to dig the deepest and find the most unknown and hyper-obscure bands and demos that are still of consistently high calibre music wise... an incredible, vast and underappreciated scene and home to some of my all-time favorite bands and musicians).... although my other favorite old scenes are the FWOSHM, Italian Doom, Swedish Death Metal demos and the NWOBHM, although im open to checking out anything of any genre, but Im not a fan of MOST Groove Metal, Industrial and Metalcore and Im not a fan of ALL the modern genres like "Slam", Mallcore-infused-Anything, etc. Im a drummer since 2004 and a drum/theory teacher since 2012.

Aside from Metal and Hard Rock I like a lot of other stuff (especially to learn and play to) like jazz, funk, anything with interesting timing and rhythms from anywhere and any time, especially anything swung. Im also a huge fan of early punk-rock and early Hardcore.