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Ironclad Beethoven 
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I don't like metal 

My rating scale is more harsh than most.

0-10 It's existence is a crime against humanity
11-20 Nothing of value, but just not as painful as the last bracket
21-30 Remotest of redeeming values
31-40 I question why they bother making music, but I don't hate them
41-50 Bad, but not terrible
51-60 The bare minimum for passable (this is "average" for me)
61-70 Some redeeming qualities and probably some good tracks
71-80 A legitimately good album
81-90 A great album
91-94 A classic album
95-99 A life-changing album

I've been reviewing on this account for over 10 years now, and my tastes have changed, and my opinions on individual albums have shifted here and there. I am going to revisit some reviews, but inconsistencies will remain.

Currently listening:

Arsis - Visitant

Shoutout to the moderators/review submission process whereby I can have a review rejected where I describe the style, the playing of each member, and break down numerous tracks yet I "didn't describe the music" enough, but there are half a dozen reviews on Megadeth's Dystopia bashing it for nothing more than disagreeing with it's political views. Way to keep things consistent.

Also, if you're going to hatemail me, come up with something better than "you're a poser", "I've listened to way more than you ever will lol" and "you're not a real metalhead" - listening to more bedroom black metal bands than me isn't really something to be proud of, nor does it disqualify me from being a "real metalhead". If you don't want me to write a negative review for your band's album, don't make a shitty album.