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Black_Hole's profile

Fred Durst 
Email address:
Full name:
Incestuous Von Cinerary 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Technical Death, Thrash Metal 

I rule the Northern Kingdoms of Forochel and Forodwaith with an Icy Fist of Frostbitten Fury. Bow before me and my manly collection of wimp crushing metal.

My Views on Downloading/mIRC/Soulseeking Music:

Plain and simple...don't be a fucking faggot. Support the bands, downloading music doesn't merit a legitimate cd collection. If your fucking faggot gr1m and assbitten black metal band from the fjordiest fjords of North Fjordenstein are too fucking kvlt to release an actual demo into circulation, then the faggots aren't worth downloading. If you cannot otherwise obtain the rare demo besides downloading it, then you were not meant to have it. Too fucking bad, don't even fucking think about saying you own that cd.

Children, you must realize that owning a vast collection of the rarest metal mp3 files around doesn't make you metal, or kvlt, it makes you a flaming faggot with no use for my oxygen. It has been noted that a few high ranking members of this site (eg Nazxul, PhantomOTO, Pyrus, etc.) claim to own over 10,000 songs, when in reality they own a faggots load of mp3 files, a days whoreing wages of CD-R's, and a few gay cd's here and there. Wimps like this would cringe at the sight of my Sacrifice "Soldiers of Misfortune" first pressing. I'll see them in hell.

As for YOU, break away from this pattern of faggotry and own an actual cd collection. Reference guys like Nick (heavens_coffin), Tim (forwardthespears), JD (circleovzaphyan), and me of course, for how to do it right.

In summation, mp3's, cd-r's, and soulseek are the tools of the weak and pathetic poseurish faggots of the metal community. Do not fall into this crowd.

Beer Guts = Merit
Merit = Metal Glory
Metal Glory = Metal Valhalla
Metal Valhalla = Never Ending Coroner Concert -|-

Excellent Sources for Metal Cd's:
-Sevared Records
-Music Stack
-Red Stream
-Goregiastic Records
-Razorback Records
-Vinyl Tap UK
-Lugburz (Belgium)
-Displeased Records

Excellent Sources for Flaming Faggots:
-Additional Filesharing Clients