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I'm an un undercover swiss metalhead... undercover because I don't have long hair, and I dress normally.
My primary interest in music is obviously metal. And I enjoy most of it (every genre except for metalcore which-isn't-even-metal-but-whatever and everything gothenburg related... with a few few exceptions, maybe... and ├╝ber-crappy produced black metal). I also enjoy grindcore, a tad bit of jazz (especially guitar-oriented fusion), experimental music, 80's new wave/new romantic, goth (ranging from death rock and darkwave to dark cabaret), psychobilly, psytrance (not everything) and some electronica in general (not the commercial, redundant stuff), crossover (leeway and so forth), hard rock and even a few rap songs here and there (2pac comes to mind), and probably other stuff I'm forgetting...

I started listening to metal in 2000... and since then i've only met 3 people in my life who seriously enjoy metal... so if any swiss metalhead (possibly french/italian speakers) wants to talk to me,... you know what to do.
At first I listened to stuff like megadeth, metallica, iron maiden, the crown, the kovenant, nightwish... and I took me a while to progressively starting to like really underground acts and extreme sounding sub-genres (I only got into black metal like a year ago... although I've been listening to death metal for years now).

Thanks to metal archives (and also :P) the number of metal bands I listen to went from 30-40 to 200+ in 1 year and a half.