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BeholdtheNicktopus's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Ellery Beard 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
black, doom, epic heavy/power 

Doctoral student in (continental) Philosophy.
My research is on Plotinus and the (Neo)platonic tradition.

"Existence is a trace of the One." ~ Plotinus, Ennead V.5.5
"Every pleasure and pain provides, as it were, another nail to rivet the soul to the body and to weld them together." ~ Plato, Phaedo 83d
"The actuality of thought is life, and God is that actuality." ~ Aristotle, Metaphysics L 1072b

I probably won't be reviewing too many of my all-time favorite albums, since they are already well-reviewed. For example, I would give a few Manilla Road and Virgin Steele albums straight 100s, but I probably won't write reviews for them.

Favorite bands (a rather stable list): Manilla Road, Virgin Steele, Reverend Bizarre, Helstar, Cathedral, Solstice, Solitude Aeturnus, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Running Wild, Omen, Atlantean Kodex, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, Cauldron Born, Matthias Steele, Chevalier, &c.

I use something roughly like the following scale for review scores (though in practice I use 5-pt intervals):
100 - perfect, reserved for transcendent masterpieces
90 - mindblowing
80 - excellent/great
70 - good
60 - decent/solid
50 - mediocre
40 - not good
30 - bad
20 - awful
10 - atrocious
0 - artistic nadir, not merely an unpleasurable listen