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Metal newbie 
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~~~My Story Of Metal~~~

The first time, i ever heard of the word 'metal' was at the age of 2 (in 1995). How come? when i used to go to school, i was assigned to a desk with 3 words carved into the plastic of the desk, these being: "Metallica, Slipknot and Pantera". Obviuosly, i had no idea what they were, so, after the first day, i went home saying "Metallica", then my dad heard me and said: "Oh no! That's Heavy Metal! Heavy metal is just noise my son" - obviuosly, i agreed cause i was still a child. But at the age of 7 (later on in life) i was watching tv, but i was curiuos to see whats going on on MTV 2; so i switch it to that channel, and i see Metallica playing "Enter Sandman" as #1 in a metal top 10 - i remember. I liked the beat and the energy; i was fantasized, i never heard anything else with such energy!


I've been listening to metal as a fan since the age of 12, my first metal band which really got me liking it was Bullet For My Valentine; bands like Nightwish, 3 inches of blood, Iron Maiden and Stratovarius followed.

I know many bands...
All i want to find out in my life is a band that appeals my style in metal
So far, ive searched, but found none as yet...

#1: Power Metal
#2: Melodic Death Metal
#3: Gothic + Speed + Viking Metal