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Metal God 
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Doom, Heavy, Black/Thrash 

I'm Az. The janitor. Well, one of them anyway. I'm very active here and usually respond to inquiries pretty quickly. Besides my email or the forum messaging system, you can get a hold of me via the site's official Discord channel. If you have any questions pertaining to this site and its content, don't hesitate to contact me.

However, for any technical/coding inquiries, please use [email protected] instead (as this aspect of the Archives is handled exclusively by Morrigan and HellBlazer).

Hispanohablantes: Siéntanse libres de contactarme en español, si gustan. (Cuidado: Entiendo más de lo que puedo hablar!)

So. Taste in music. Does anyone care? Well, I care enough for the potential of others caring enough to write this, so here goes. I guess I find myself drawn to doom metal and some of its derivatives and hybrids the most, but while doom may be my favourite genre in metal, metal is not necessarily my favourite genre in music. If you're dead set on pinning down my taste I suggest my profile. It's very representative.

Check my entire (physical) collection here:

I'm trying to keep the Austrian part of the Archives as accurate, current and comprehensive as possible. Still, there remain a lot of gaps and despite my efforts to contact artists and generally dig up info, I've been unsuccessful with these (among others); if you have any pertinent information about these bands, please get in touch: (!!) (!!) (!) (!) (!) (!)

I love this site.

I feel like I should start writing reviews again, but I'm lazy and usually end up hating them for one reason or another as soon as I publish them anyway.


Bei da Blèdheit samma Briăda! -Kurt Sowinetz (R.I.P.)