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Axel666MoWi's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black metal, Death metal... 

Unlisted CD's :
- "De Fer et de Sang" - eklm productions (sampler MMXVIII)
- Sampler MMXVI - les acteurs de l'ombre
- Sampler MMXVII - les acteurs de l'ombre
- MMXVIII - les acteurs de l'ombre
- Sampler 2018 - Transcendance
- Ellipse - A Nos Traîtres (Album - France, 2015, Metalcore, I hate metalcore.)
- Vorak - Rhetoric of the Supermen (Australia, 1998, Neoclassical Noise... )
- France d'OIl Production - MMXVIII (Free promotional sampler)
- Rise 13 - Magick Rock Vol.1 (1999 compilation stoner/doom with : Unida, Orange Goblin, Acrimony, Drag Pack, Spirit Caravan, Sheavy, Hangnail, Goatsnake, Solarized, Sally, Shallow, Electric Wizard and 13).
- Forgotten Wisdom Productions - CD Sampler - Volume II (with : Deus Ignotus, Superchrist, Tatir, Lustration, Black Hammer, Perversifier, Untergang, Guerra Total, Torture Throne, Vilifier, Belenos, Ghast).
- Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions (sampler 2019)
- Bbarbapappa Butchery - Neverending Hostility (Inhuman Homicide Records - goregrind)
- Demonoid 13 - Death to the Vulgar Lord (Electro like De Infernali)
- Outworld - Promo 2010 (Electro)
- Antiq Records - Sampler MMXIX (featuring : Grylle, Hanternoz, Créatures, Incipient Chaos, Mésalliance, Véhémence, Dawn of a dark age, Wynter Arvn, Malenuit, Bannwald, Druadan Forest, Drominn)
- Under Suspicion - Self titled? (Promo CD Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)
- Slowly we rot compilation volume #3 / 2013

Things I have to check out :
- Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor
- Else - En velours noir
- Dusktone label compilation - audio introspection for apacalyptic minds
- Veine Morte - Misanthropic Hate of the Black Winter (handmade CD limited to 30 copies, DSBM without drums by Nyghlar from Nuit Macabre/Voracian).

My main goal is to dig out french metal rarities. If you need me to translate anything from french to english I'm here! (in particular for french audios).

Chaine d'uploads underground :