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Auselesspileofflesh's profile

Metal demon 
Full name:
Lindon Faynes 
Favourite metal genre(s):

Brisbane based Heavy Metal Musician.

Current projects:
Awful Noise - Deathgrind
TBA - Progressive/Blackened Death Metal
TBA - Atmospheric Post-Metal

Currently running the QLD edition of Ungrateful Dead Productions.

Former projects:
Sending Artax - Progressive Metalcore
The Abducted - Melodic Death Metal
Disarticulation - Technical Deathcore
Delusions Of Insanity - Thrash Metal
Dynamism - Experimental Death/Groove Metal
A Sordid Fairwell - Melodic Deathcore
Disciples Of Torture - Brutal Death Metal
Cannibal Gluttony - Death Metal
Ritual Feast - Blackened Death Metal
Those Who Endure - Progressive Deathcore

Rejected submissions:
Hell's Horizon - Australian Metalcore
Elixir of an Alchemist - US Deathcore
Mirthful Evisceration - US Brutal Deathcore
Enlaced by Tempest - German Melodic Metalcore
Know - Australian Experimental/Progressive Metal
Hum - US Alternative/Post-Metal/Shoegaze
One in the Chamber - Australian Metalcore
The Dreadful Tides - Australian Heavy Metal/Rock
Rotten Tongue - US Brutal Deathcore
The Human Contortion - US Deathcore
As Misery Fades - US Metalcore
Shitgrinder - Australian Grindcore
Pink Sock - US Deathcore
Tavyrn - US Melodic Heavy Metal/Rock
A King Divided - Brazilian Slam/Brutal Deathcore
Our Martyred Lady - US Symphonic Deathcore
Disembodied Tyrant - International Symphonic Deathcore
Plea of the Sword - US Deathcore
Dying Fidelity - Polish Technical Deathcore
Treebeard - Australian Post-Metal/Rock
Phyllomedusa - US Goregrind/Goirenoise
I Curse the Day - Ukrainian Melodic Deathcore
Pyrefly - Australian Alternative Metal/Rock
Flesh Prison - Australian Grindcore
Beyond Belief - International Death Metal/Hardcore
Creagrutus - US Grindcore
The Nameless - Australian Deathcore
Skenb - Uzbek Alternative Metal
Terra Axis - Australian Groove/Nu-Metal/Grunge
Anusless - French Goregrind/Grindcore
Inside Your Mind - Thai Deathcore
Minced Piles - US Goregrind/Noisecore
Crime Syndikhate - French Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind
Gorepig - US Brutal Deathcore
Clorox Bong - Australian Grindcore
Xenotheory - French Slam/Brutal Deathcore
Gutted Bitch - US Brutal Deathcore/Grindcore
Till Light Ceases - US Deathcore
Ascent of Autumn - Australian Deathcore
Stepped Out - New Zealand Deathcore/Hardcore
Inception of Genocide - Japanese Deathcore
Abyss of Gehenna - Taiwanese Brutal Deathcore
Embrace the End - US Deathcore/Metalcore
Black Friday - US Deathcore
Slaughter Creek - US Deathcore
Terrordactyl - Australian Deathcore
A Cripple Stole My Leg - Belgian Metalcore
The Zoea - English Goregrind
Fat Monica - Australian Blackened Hardcore
Burst Artery - US Goregrind
The Perineum Sun House Band - Australian Drone/Doom Metal
Breakfast Epiphanies - UK Progressive/Funk Metal/Rock
Scat Opera - US Funk Metal/Rock
Natalie's Torture - Russian Deathcore
Dream Line - Russian Deathcore/Metalcore
Crash Agony - Australian Heavy Metal/Rock
My Rotten Sky - Russian Melodic Deathcore
Worm-Hole - US Stoner Metal/Rock
Mortläch - Canadian Grindcore
Blak - Spanish Atmospheric Post-Metal/Rock
The World Without Us - US Progressive Metalcore
Bury Me Standing - US Deathcore
Cuntduster - Australian Grindcore
Universe in My Yard - Progressive Death Metal/Metalcore
Ouroboric - Australian Alternative Metal
Deliriant Butcher Logic - Chinese Grindcore/Brutal Death Metal
The Murdering - Australian Groove Metal
Hellcast - US Deathcore
Oceans & Omens - Australian Metalcore
Blood of Lilith - US Groove Metal/Metalcore
The Archaic Epidemic - US Deathcore
Murdereyes - US Slam/Brutal Deathcore
Final Thought - Australian Progressive Metal/Rock
Infinite Exile - Australian Groove Metal
Low-Gai - Japanese Grindcore
It's Always Sunny in Tijuana - US Deathcore
Renascentia - US Progressive Deathcore
Abuse Ritual - US Death Metal/Hardcore
Rectal Foreign Bodies - French Goregrind
Ruined Porn - Canadian Goregrind/Brutal Death Metal
Dysthymia - US Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
A Night in Texas - Australian Technical Deathcore
Waking Gaints - Australian Deathcore
Aborted Jesus Milkshake - Australian Brutal Deathcore
Bloodsocket - Australian Grindcore/Death Metal/Experimental
Severtone - Australian Deathcore/Metalcore
Green River Massacre - International Deathcore
Dead Kelly - Australian Death/Groove Metal/Metalcore
Harlekin - German Slam/Brutal Deathcore
Sickle - Australian Grindcore/Powerviolence
Strength of a Bear - Australian Metalcore
Ov Sulfur - US Melodic Deathcore
Gorestine - Australia Atmospheric Post-Black Metal
Dropbear - Australian Groove Metal/Metalcore
Bass Traitor - Australian Black Metal/Noise
Eyes of the Defiled - US Deathcore
Chlamydiarrhea - French Goregrind
Emesis - Cuban Deathcore
Silenus - US Deathcore/Metalcore
Metalwrath - Australian Metalcore
Cerement - Australian Deathcore
Antagonizer - US Grindcore/Brutal Death Metal
Buried Beneath The Prayers - Canadian Blackened/Brutal Death Metal
No Penquins In Alaska - Thai Deathcore
Slaughter For the Daddy - Russian Deathcore
Bled Out - Australian Metalcore
Condemned - English Deathcore
Roadhauled - Australian Deathcore
Zero1Zero - Australian Groove/Alternative Metal
Wise Man Say - Australian Doom/Drone Metal/Noise
Vapours - Australian Deathcore/Metalcore/Djent
At Battles End - US Brutal Deathcore
Audduekhon Ausswad - Thai Black Metal/Noise
Vahlia - Australian Progressive Metal/Djent
Dying Dreams - US Deathcore/Metalcore
Evading the Enemy - Australian Deathcore
Bluewaffle Sauerkraut - Dutch Goregrind
Lymphadenectomy Turkish Brutal Death Metal/Gorenoise
Those Left Behind - Australian Metalcore/Groove Metal
Break the Sky - English Deathcore
Revile - US Death Metal/Hardcore
Son of a Whore - Canadian Goregrind
Harvest Their Bodies - German Brutal Deathcore
Project Levram - Australian Various
Geisterfahrer- US Deathcore/Grindcore
Bloodmouth - Australian Grindcore
OK Boomer - US Brutal Deathcore
Without Remorse - US Death Metal/Hardcore
Virescent - Australian Groove/Alternative Metal
Blue Waffle - US Brutal Deathcore
Emotion Killer - Australian Deathcore/Metalcore
Basophilic Schlerosis - Ecuadorian Goregrind
Devorate the Universe - Spanish Deathcore
Shackles - Australian Grindcore/Powerviolence
Cerebral Erosion - Australian Goregrind/Gorenoise
The Swarm Aka Knee Deep in the Dead - Canadian Metalcore
Doom Paradox - Australian Ambient Black/Death Metal
Scag - Australian Death Metal/Hardcore
Upon a Burning Body - US Deathcore/Metalcore
Desmantra - Australian Groove Metal/Metalcore
Dead Raped Babies - English Goregrind
Valley of Snakes - Australian Atmospheric Deathcore
Inherence - Brazilian Deathcore/Hardcore
Sarah Joh - Australian Stoner/Post-Metal/Rock
In Infernis Arderet - US Ambient Black Metal/Noise
Evacuation Plan - Australian Progressive Metal/Rock
Eighteen Visions - US Metalcore
Culture - US Metalcore/Hardcore
We Ate the Search Party - Australian Deathcore
She Sleeps On Serpents - Ukrainian Deathcore
Oceanlord - Australian Stoner/Post-Metal
In Dismemberance - US Deathcore
Breathren - US Metallic Hardcore
Death Behind Us - Russian Deathcore
One With the Buried - Australian Deathcore
Ghetto Blaster - Australian Grindcore
Mish - Australian Progressive/Post-Metal/Rock
Outed - Grindcore/Powerviolence/Hardcore
Summit - Australian Metalcore
Qollision - Hong Kongese Progressive Metalcore
Myriad Drone - Australian Ambient Post-Metal/Rock
Deathrow - Australian Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Hardcore
Deathbed - Australian Metalcore/Death Metal
Anal Grenade - Norwegian Goregrind/Grindcore
Noose For A Necktie - Australian Metalcore
Eminent - US Progressive Groove Metal/Deathcore/Djent
Förakt - Australian Black Metal/Crust
The Eradicated - Australian Deathcore
Apocalypse Pony - US Blackened Deathcore
The Descolada Virus - US Symphonic Deathcore
The Immortals - US Technical Death Metal/Djent
Vanquish the Populace - US Technical/Brutal Deathcore
Beneath Dying Skies - German Slam/Brutal Deathcore
Cheeto Dracula - US Deathcore
Desecrated Adversary - US Deathcore
Grieg - Australian Southern Metal/Hardcore
Ascendance - Australian Deathcore
The John Holmes Massacre - Australian Metalcore
Kosatka - US Post-Metal
Battery Humans - Australian Hardcore Punk/Crust
Suffocate Faster - US Metalcore
Feast of The Antipathy - US Deathcore
Trancestate - Australian Electronic Deathcore
Left To Decay - US Slam/Death Metal/Hardcore
The Cake Is a Lie - South African Deathcore
Within Vast Forms - US Deathcore
Level H - Australian Melodic Death/Groove Metal
Galenus - US Technical Deathcore
Kabal - Italian Slam/Death Metal/Hardcore
Vulnus - Indian Post-Black Metal
Jerome - US Deathcore
As Oceans Burn - Canadian Deathcore
Enoch - New Zealand Groove Metal
Brainwasher - Swedish Grindcore/Powerviolence
Spare Not The Villagers - US Deathcore
Manifested Travesty - US Deathcore
The Lytic Cycle - Australian Deathcore/Mathcore
Shifting the Paradigm - Australian Technical Groove Metal
Justice For the Damned - Australian Metalcore
Before the Throne - Australian Deathcore
Dead Root - Australian Grindcore/Sludge Metal
Saora - Swedish Deathcore
Rampage Time - Chinese Slam/Brutal Deathcore
Abimael - US Deathcore
Inhaling the Plague - US Grindcore
Hate Priest - US Slam/Deathcore
2nd and Archer - US Deathcore
Belerussian Fockin Idiots - Belarusian Deathcore
Fawn Limbs - International Grindcore/Mathcore
I Tore My Eyes Out - Russian Brutal Deathcore
Artificial Pathogen - English Brutal Deathcore
Underwater Knife Fight - US Deathcore
Yig - US Blackened Ambient/Noise
Jamie Slays - English Technical Deathcore
Woolly Mammoth Sex Party - US Goregrind/Brutal Death Metal
Wallet Inspector - Australian Technical Death Metal/Djent
Flesh Tomb - US Brutal Deathcore
Empire Of Medusa - Mexican Deathcore
Thot Purge - Serbian Brutal Deathcore
Curbstomp The Predator - US Deathcore
End of Flesh - US Hardcore/Death Metal
Project:Heaven - Australian Post-Metal
On Wings of Wax - Australian Post-Metal
Devoured TX - US Deathcore
Execute My Liberty - Ukrainian Deathcore
Full Throated Ordeal - Australian Grindcore/Hardcore
Pissbolt - Australian Grindcore/Metalcore
Disemboweled Children - US Grindcore
Writhe - Australian Grindcore
Bouquet - US Goregrind
Green Friends Forever - Japanese Goregrind
Promethean - Australian Deathcore
Nyvosus - Australian Melodic Deathcore
A Day to Drink - Venezuelan Brutal Deathcore
The Hopewell Furnace - US Blackened Deathcore
Decaying Matriarch - Australian Deathcore
Bury Me in Autumn - Australian Deathcore
Demise of the King - US Brutal/Technical Deathcore
Black Cannabis - Russian Brutal Deathcore
Empress - Australian Atmospheric Post-metal
Regular Gonzales - Australian Stoner Metal/Rock
Open Wound - Australian Grindcore
No Convictions - US Hardcore/Death Metal
Fathomless - Taiwanese Brutal Deathcore
Graveyard Lust - Australian Hardcore Punk/Crust
Temple of Athena - Australian Deathcore
Massic - Australian Groove Metal
Exanimis - Australian Deathcore
Anatomy of a Creation - US Deathcore
Honest Crooks - AUS Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Hardcore
Crown Magnetar - US Deathcore
Savage Man Savage Beast - Dutch Goregrind/Cybergrind
Torso Murder - US Deathcore
Mylee's Dying Wish - US Blackened Deathcore
Science of Depravity - French Deathcore
Evisceration - German Deathcore
One Sense Too Much - International Technical Deathcore
Silence Shall Return - English Deathcore
Locusts - English Deathcore
Fistfuckers Inc. - US Brutal Deathcore
End of Salvation - English Deathcore
Messenger Of The Covenant - US Deathcore
Scumbag - Australian Grindcore
Mosquito - Australian Grindcore
Sadistic Experiments - Russian Brutal Deathcore
The Creptter Children - Australian Gothic/Industrial Metal
KOMMA' - Russian Blackened Grindcore/Hardcore
Akrasia - Norwegian Grindcore/Crust
Gloryhole Guillotine - US Grindcore
Fleshburner - US Deathcore
Fentanyl Surprise - US Goregrind
Pseudonaja - AUS Deathcore/Groove Metal
Recalcitrant - US Grindcore
Take That Vile Fiend - Australian Goregrind/Gorenoise
Dream Scream - Russian Deathcore
Dawn of Leviathan - Australian Progressive Deathcore
A Legion Defiled - Australian Deathcore
Enslaver - Australian Deathcore
Disfigured Elegence - US Metalcore
Yugen - Australian Progressive Metal
Of the Woods - Czech Blackened Deathcore
We All Gonna Die - Czech Brutal Deathcore
Poolside At the Flamingo - US Technical Grindcore
Jet Black Promise - Russian Deathcore/Metalcore
Her Majesty - Australian Deathcore
Grenade Face - US Melodic Deathcore
Manipulation Mutilation - US Brutal Deathcore
Face Your Maker - US Deathcore
Teargas - Australian Hardcore Punk/Crust
Ash Mouth - Australian Grindcore
I, Valiance - Australian Technical Deathcore
Kruger - Czech Grindcore/Powerviolence
Plague The City - Australian Metalcore
Trailer Park Massacre - Swiss Brutal Deathcore
Cut the Architect's Hand - US Thrash/Post-Metal
Taking Your Last Chance - Russian Deathcore
Corpse From a River of Frogsperm - Swedish Goregrind
Exiles - Australian Deathcore
Pacman Ate My Doughnut - Holland Progressive Metalcore
Werewolf of Wysteria - Australian Deathcore
The Despot - Australian Technical Deathcore
Raqar - Polish Deathcore
Scumguts - Australian Grindcore/Powerviolence
lockfist 699 - Brazilian Groove Metal/Metalcore
Shot Through the Hand With a Nailgun - US Grindcore
Epimetheus - Australian Technical/Brutal Deathcore
Courting Pandora - Australian Deathcore
Shrine of Flesh - US Brutal Deathcore