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Arsenic's profile

Fred Durst 
Email address:
United Kingdom 

Worshipper/devourer of pure, blasphemous, hate filled, whiplash inducing, poser destroying, alcohol consuming black/death metal from the 80's. Something which is under-represented on Metal-Archives.

You'll only see reviews of GOOD underground bands from me as my money doesn't go on crap material (if I do get some, I sell or trade it off). What's the point in owning shit metal ?

I am interested in trading, mostly CD-R's of old demos. If you have anything on my want list, get in contact and I'll send you my trade list.

Agressor (Fra.) - The Merciless Onslaught demo 1986
Arsenic (U.S.) - First Blood demo 1985
Damnation (Can.) - Speed Anarchy demo 1986
Death Strike - rehearsal 1985 (15 min.)
Evoked Doom - demo 1986
Ghostrider (Ita.) - rehearsals 1983 (pre-Necrodeath)
Hatred (N.J., U.S.) - Drowning In The Afterbirth demo 1986
Hellfire (Fra.) - demo 1984
Hellfire (Fra.) - demo 1985
Matricide (Fl., U.S.) - Mother's Day demo 1987
Pentagram (Chl.) - live at "Death Metal Holocaust"28/12/85
Poison (Ger.) - Live Terror 1985
R.A.V.A.G.E. - Kill Or Be Killed demo 1985
Slaughter (Can.) - rehearsal August 1984
Sodom (Ger.) - rehearsal 7/1985
Vader (Pol.) - Live In Decay demo 1986
Viper (Fra.) - rehearsals