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"Non-metal" albums I own:

2 Times Terror - Equals One Sudden Death
The 69 Eyes - Framed in Blood (Compilation)
The 69 Eyes - Devils
Aivolävistys - Sotamaa
All Over Maniacs - Yöjunalla Helvettiin
All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature
Amaranthe - The Nexus
Anal Thunder - Cheap Wine and Quality Time
Archagathus - Atrocious Halitosis from Nauseated Disgorging
Atomirotta - I
Attempted Life - Pangaea
Baptists - Bushcraft
Beastmilk - Climax
Better Not Born - Downfall 7"
Black Light Discipline - Empire
Black Light Discipline - Against Each Other
Black Light Discipline - Death by a Thousand Cuts
Blues Pills - S/T
Bob Malmström - Tala Svenska Eller Dö
Bob Malmström - Punkens Framtid
Bob Malmström - Vi Kommer I Krig
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Black Earth
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Dolores
Carpenter Brut - Trilogy (Compilation)
Cause for Effect - 0 + 1 = 01
Converge - No Heroes
Cut to Fit - Havoc Supreme
Cut to Fit - The Doors of Deception
Cutdown - S/T
Deathstars - Termination Bliss
Deathstars - Night Electric Night - Platinum Edition
Die Antwoord - Mount Ninja and Da Nice Time Kid
Dropkick Murphys - Going Out in Style
Elitbolaget Presents Uprising 2 (Compilation)
Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls
Enemy Soil - Casualties of Progress
Exile - Exile (Demo)
Famine Year - Demo MMXI
Famine Year - Tervetuloa Tilastoihin (7")
Famine Year - Ja Kaiken Kruunaa Kuolema (12" + Cassette)
GG Allin - Hated in the Nation
Gost - Non Paradisi
Gothminister - Happiness in Darkness
The Grind Madness at the BBC - Earache Peel Sessions
Grunt - Petturien Rooli
Gum Bleed - No War But... Class War EP
Hatebreed - Perseverance
Hatebreed - Supremacy
Hexvessel - Dawnbearer
Hexvessel - No Holier Temple
Humanity Brutality 3 Way Split (Discrusher, Hellexist, B.W.O.V.)
Jess and the Ancient Ones - Jess and the Ancient Ones
Jess and the Ancient Ones - Astral Sabbat
Jess and the Ancient Ones - Castaneda (Ltd. Yellow vinyl)
Jesus Chrust - The Last Temptation of Jesus Chrust
Kakka-hätä-77 - Totaalinen Kakkahätä
Karjalan Sissit - Fucking Whore Society
Kiljuvelka-70 - Ihmis-saastaa ja Pohjasakkaa
Kiljuvelka-70 - Näen ja kuulen...mutta puhe sammaltaa
King Dude - Sex
King Satan - King Fucking Satan
Kiristys - Niin Makaa Ku Petaa EP
Kiss - The Very Best Of...
Lama - Tavastia
M.O.R.A. - M.O.R.A.
M.O.R.A. - Halveksunnan Aika
Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind
Martyrdöd - Sekt
Martyrdöd - Paranoia
Massgrave - 5 Years of Grinding Crust Core
Merzbow - Nezumimochi (LP + CD)
Nachtmahr - Unbeugsam
Negative Approach - Friends of No One
No One is Safe - Outcast Among the Outcast (EP) Vol. I (Compilation)
Obscene Extreme 15 (Compilation)
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - Kuus Kuppia Kahvia...ja Yks Kokis (Compilation)
Perturbator - Nocturne City EP
Perturbator - Dangerous Days
Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley
Psykoanalyysi - Kivitys EP
Psykoanalyysi - Julistus EP (CD + Cassette)
Rammstein - Rosenrot
Rammstein - Made in Germany (Compilation)
Ratface - Demon Dayz
Ratface - Negative Partycore
Riistetyt - Valtion Vankina
Ruoska - Tuonen Viemää (Single)
Sayyadina - The Great Northern Revisited
Sick of it All - Last Act of Defiance (Limited)
Skitsystem - Enkel Resa till Rännstenen
Slash Dementia - Race Against the Machine
Snipe Drive - Cuts (Single)
Subhumans - The Day the Country Died
Suicide Commando - X.20 (Compilation)
Suicide Silence - The Cleansing
Syksy - Metsurin Kyynel
Terveet Kädet - Musta Hetki
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Totalt Jävla Mörker
Turmion Kätilöt - Hoitovirhe
Turmion Kätilöt - Pirun Nyrkki
Turmion Kätilöt - U.S.C.H.
Turmion Kätilöt - Perstechnique
Turmion Kätilöt - Technodiktator
Turmion Kätilöt - Dance Panique
Unkind - Mieliemme Tuhkasta
Unkind - Harhakuvat
Unkind - Pelon Juuret
Victims - Killer
Watch Your Back - Last Man Standing 7"
Will Over Matter - Lust for Knowledge
Will Over Matter - Massiivisen Koston Doktriini
Will Over Matter / Bizarre Uproar (Split CD)
Wolfbrigade - Comalive
Wolfbrigade - Damned
Wolfpack - A New Dawn Fades