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AgeOfTheWiccans's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
S D 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death/Doom, Funeral doom 

For the most part, I like funeral doom and death/doom, but I am not limited to those two genres. I like when an album has a good flow and feels organic. You kind of know when the album is ''alive and breathing''. It is like you listen to it and you really enjoy it, but also it has a good vibe.

I like the old classics as well like Metallica and Megadeth, Sepultura and Iron Maiden since I grew up listening to these bands, but more and more I don't enjoy the new stuff so I pretty much distanced myself from them. Instead, I like to discover new bands, mostly on Youtube. Now my collection varies greatly and I have some rarities that a few have.

I got into BM about 2 years ago, not for the fucking satanic aspect of it, but for those who worship nature and have a more philosophical approach to their music. I like those bands who can create atmospheric BM like Mizmor. I rejected the blasphemous bands, like behemoth, because I think it is an insult to the way of life. They use their creativity not for the good of everyone. If you have no respect for life than you should not inject your shit into this world to corrupt the minds of the young ones.

So I am more conscious about lyrics than music now because there is too much negativity and I do not want to hear it and I even sell most of my old CD's that reflected that. Now less and less I have this kind of crap in my collection. This is why I look for new bands, but I am more selective.

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