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Metal newbie 
Full name:
Kevin Flynn 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Experimental, Anything 

Reviews are based on 80% of the actual music, 10% of the mixing and production, and 10% on concepts, lyrics/song titles, and album art.

The music bit should be fairly easy to understand: how well the band did what they set out to do, and how enjoyable it is are the two major factors in deciding this part of the score.

The production is not 10 for a crystal clean recording and 0 for bedroom recording: it''s more for how well it fits the music.So if a ambient black metal band has a squeaky clean recording that neuters the overall effect, it''s get a zero, and a death metal band who''s recording doesn''t let any riffs or memorable parts slip out from the wall of noise, zero as well.

Concepts/lyrics/artwork (Shortened to just concepts in reviews) is how much thought the band put into the message or whatnot behind the noise. If it''s just dumb-ass misogynist cookie cutter DM garbage, it get zero; but if it finds a way to make humorous or clever, or even just creepily believable, or all three (Loooord Woooorm!) it''ll get higher. More so then anything else, this is a taste thing: I''m not going by how well the lyrics fit the music, just how well done they are. This is the least important part of the review, though, and for certain releases I may shorten it if it''s a instrumental or ambient affair