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6CORPSE6GRINDER6's profile

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Francisco Meneses 
Costa Rica 
Favourite metal genre(s):
80s, early 90s 

Left Hand Ov Dog's REVIEW SCALE:

100- Timeless, flawless and essential. Will be with you your whole life.

95- Incredible, highly memorable music, hovering just below perfection.

90- A fantastic album, an exemplary monument to the chosen style.

85- Flirting with greatness, essential for fans of the genre.

80- Unflinchingly solid, an all-around compelling and memorable release.

75- Glimmers of greatness in an above-average product.

70- A good effort. Nothing mind-blowing, but a worthy catch for genre or artist enthusiasts.

65- Good ideas and acceptable execution, but not very satisfying or memorable.

60- Meh... s'alright. Contains some intriguing elements. Proceed with caution.

55- Enter the bargain bin. Underlying potential treading water.

50- Nothing to love or loathe. The color grey in musical form.

40- Skirting the border of crap, with very little worth salvaging. Digging through shit for scraps of gold.

30- The musical equivalent of snorkeling in sewage.

20- Actively offensive to the senses. The musical equivalent of snorkeling in sewage beneath a chili convention.

10- Laughably, irrefutably terrible. A bold and terrifyingly large excrement on the lawn of good taste.

0- An embarrassment to humanity. An affront to the concepts of quality and integrity. Worthy of active, unfettered loathing.

I'll use his scale as mine, it's so accurate! Hope he doesn't mind...