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Metal newbie 
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Joe Barbrick 
United States 
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Fuck neo-thrash moshpit junkies (Razormaze, Fueled By fire) Fuck Jarhead Metal (Pantera (New), Machine Head Etc.) What ever happened to good metal? Metal fans always rip on Nu metal and metalcore but this talentless and repetitive metal is just as bad. What happened to good creative music. Coroner, Toxik, Realm, Glacier, Agent Steel? Death metal is even really gay now its just downtuned bullshit at least bands like Death or Autopsy were creative and made something new and insightful. It's ruined now by repetitive grindcore and other new death metal bands. Death metal is literally cookie monster growling now and i see why people hate metal because it makes true metalheads look like growling idiots. At least vocalists from bands like Death, Autopsy, Cancer, Deicide etc. used their voice with aggression instead of nowadays inhaling gurgling sounds. They put real emotion into their music. We have to stop these fucking naive fans and bands that shit on true metal. They say they love metal, but how can you love metal when your not part of any music scene or group other than an internet scene. We have to incorporate real creativity and compassion for the music and actually do our part in keeping the best genre of music known to mankind alive. By making music, buying albums, going to concerts, and buying merch. This is what those who were before us lived by and THIS is how we are going to stay true to our roots.