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Mallcore kid 

So youll have to go through the tedium of crouching over it and picking everything up one at a time. There shouldnt be any problem with swapping them over, but sometimes a bug in the game can cause your current backpack to disappear when you swap over. Then there is the much publicised lawsuit with Bethesda over the trademarking of the word Scrolls. For some players this is a welcome change as they sometimes select the wrong thing in the mousewheel menu, but other find it a pest as you have to click a bit more. In the above screenshot you can see that Ive right-clicked on a can of sardines and have the option to Eat Food. You can also select the option to automatically download the latest beta snapshots and get the updates as they are being worked on! When you find another backpack, theres an option to pick it up. As a Game Server Provider, it can be challenging to find a technology partner who can deliver the buttery smooth performance that only the best hardware and network can create.