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Awesome death/black metal release! - 90%

Cloud0129, May 8th, 2009

So this is the third and the longest album by Zyklon, a band that formed from the ashes of the legendary black metal band Emperor, with Tyrm and Samoth present, while Ihsahn is on a solo project. I've honestly never heard anything from their first album, but I was hugely impressed with their sophomore album "Aeon", So was this production just as good?

I personally think so. In fact, I can't see why the previous two posters had rated this album so poorly in their reviews. Perhaps because of the mixture of death metal elements with black metal? Well two of the members were from a black metal band so it should be obvious that black metal elements are present.

The music here is very atmospheric, yet brutal and fast. The guitar work from both Samoth and Destructhor are technical, bizzare and will make you feel as if you are in some kind of warzone, leaving you all confused, yet, wanting more of it because of how amazing they play. They are tuned down to sound industrial, and it works perfectly here as it did with "Aeon" Tyrm's drumming is superb and fast-paced, just as his work is from his previous band. They blend in perfectly with everything else. Secthdamon, the vocalist and bassist, is very similar to Glen Benton of Deicide, with vocals similar to his in many ways, which are mostly frenzied, demonic growls and he makes the use of angry, annoyed black metal shrieks. He is also on the same level as Glen as well on the bass work, setting the right mood for this dark and atmospheric peice of art.

Throughout this album, I couldn't find very much mistakes here, and I was headbanging through the entire album, especially when the first track began to pick up speed slowly. The Production happens to be great here too. Pick it up if your a black and death metal fan.