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Fair - 68%

Machine_of_Hate, November 18th, 2004

With their sophomore offering of Aeon, Zyklon have changed where they were going with the whole black/ death, and went more for a death sound with their latest. While it is an enjoyable album, I find it having a considerable amount of filler.

In all honesty, this album is really a valley album, with the best tracks being “psyklon aeon” and “an eclectic manner.” The songs in the middle are not bad, but they are nothing spectacular. You could skip over them and really be missing nothing. “Subtle manipulation” and “the prophetic method” I enjoyed out of the middle of the album. The album seemed to slow down after psyklon aeon and really didn’t reach that fast pace until the prophetic method. This song is pretty good, and I found my head bobbling like it did during psyklon aeon. Defiantly a track not to skip over.

The only thing that kept me interested during the middle part of the album is Destructor’s solos. Actually if it wasn’t for him, the album wouldn’t really be that good. Everything else on the album is fair; it’s just nothing that mind-blowing. Trym’s drumming is good, but not his best work. He doesn’t seem to be as tight as his past drumming. I do like Sechtdamon’s vocals. They fit in well with the music. Samoth (or Zamoth) has some riffs that work well in the faster songs. The psyklon aeon riff is a good example of this. The lyrics that Bard Faust wrote are interesting and in need of a mandatory read in the booklet. It pulls the concept of the album together better.

Overall it might be worth borrowing from a friend to see how you might like it. this is defiantly an album where if you find it at a replay shop, your getting a good deal.

Album highlights: psyklon aeon, subtle manipulation, the prophetic method, an eclectic manner.

Album lowlights: two thousand years, electric current