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Morbid Harvest? - 48%

Industriell_Olycka, March 31st, 2006

If Morbid Angel and Red Harvest had a bastard child, it would probably release something akin to Aeon.

This is Zyklon's second album, and things have changed this time around. Daemon has left, and replaced by some poor bastard named Odd Tony. Pretty big shoes to fill, and... well, he doesn't really. Daemon slaughters this guy. He usually switches between a decent death growl (trying to sound like Steve Tucker, I'm guessing) and a shout/yell (trying to sound like Ofu Kahn? He's failing miserably). The Kahn-like vocals are fairly annoying.

I'm fairly disappointed in Trym. His drumming is pretty much always top-notch, and to see him reduced to bland death metal is kind of... sad. He's slowed down considerably, and gotten way more simplistic. The production has also taken a shot. While the first album was razor-edged and brutal, this album is bassy and muffled. Another attempt to sound more death metal.

The only thing in this album that's gotten better since World ov Worms, are the solos. While the ones on the first album were just there for solo's sake, the ones on this album are more melodic, and intertwine with the music more. The riffs themselves are fairly boring, and provide for a lot of filler songs (Specimen Eruption, No Names Above the Names, Prophetic Method, Subtle Manipulation), while only the riffs in a song or two remind us that we're listening to Zyklon (Core Solution, Electric Current). It has to be stated that the last song, "An Eclectic Manner," is pretty much a Red Harvest song. It sounds exactly like them, and it even has Ofu himself doing some vocals.

If this had been Zyklon's first album, it probably would have been a 70-80. But this is just Zyklon just attempting to jump on the Nile/Behemoth/Decapitated (i.e. modern death) band wagon, and failing horribly. If you want more of the original Zyklon sound, just go listen to Myrkskog.