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An extreme trip through a post-apocalyptic world. - 83%

Funeral_Shadow, February 25th, 2006

What in the fuck has happened to things in the death metal world after the year 2000?! It seems that the art of death metal has gone astray in the wrong direction. Many people think that death metal must always be "brutal" or just include illegible growling that not even linguistic scholars can interpret.

It's around this time that we see a branch of a style of death metal that, all of a sudden, became popularized among extreme fans. The fusion of death/black metal had become a match made in heaven (or hell?) up to this point even though this art has been created years ago (Blasphemy, Belphegor, and so on.) Many bands today incorporate more of a death aspect to their music than black metal while others have a smooth blend of both styles... in this case, Zyklon seems to have perfected this art. Zyklon are a more industrialized outfit as opposed to other death/black bands like Behemoth. They play what many people may call today "extreme modern metal" and there really is no other way to better describe this tornado's sound.

This was my introduction to this band and it's left quite the impression on me. Well, after hearing that ex members of Emperor play in this band (“Zamoth” and Trym,) I couldn't help but buy a brand new copy of this CD (and knowing myself, I only usually buy used CD's.) I still have a great appreciation for this CD even though I don't play it every day... and there's a reason I don't play it every day.

This really is a great CD, but it seems pretty bland after some few plays and a good few skip able tracks. It isn't as bland as their last album, "World Ov Worms" (and holy hell did that CD really reek of bland constant blast beating) but "Aeon" has a level of blandness after a few listens. The production is flawless; it's very crisp clear that leaves room for all the instruments (and sound effects) to bleed out of the speakers. The lyrics are really outstanding as well. Bard "Faust" has written some great philosophical lyrics for Zyklon and remains as a stand out element of this CD. So the real problem doesn't lie in the production or lyrical content, but the problem is in the actual music.

They make extreme music as I said before, and it's pretty overwhelming on some tracks. "Psyklon Aeon" demonstrates the insanity this band possesses with its perfect display of black metal fused with industrialized death metal. It progresses, shifting from death growls to black growls and some spoken-like singing. The solo in this song is monstrous as the song itself is an endless monstrous apocalyptic song. "Core Solution" then displays a mid-Morbid Angel riff style of playing with slow but deep guitar riffs over mastodon double bassing drums. This song has a more industrial touch to it with its howling use of sound and noise throughout the riffs. "Subtle Manipulation" returns to an apocalyptic sound with a death metal riff which opens the song. After the short intro, it turns into a black metal assault with blast beats galore and somehow transforms back into a death metal-style song. Other songs, like "The Prophetic Method" has a really infectious, catchy death metal style riffs playing throughout the song and a great solo that leaves your hair standing on your arms! On a different note, such a song like “An Ecletric Manner” slows things down in terms of extremeness and is more atmospheric than anything on this album. This features LZR on samples (of Red Harvest) and his sample work on this track is well done. The vocal style is deathish but has those spoken-style vocals.

For the most part, the tracks on this CD are filled with madness, but some tracks somehow don't seem to appeal as interesting. I'm all for those slow extreme style songs like "Core Solution" but "Two Thousand Years" is awfully repetitive and has no climax. It's not exciting to listen to nor is it as extreme as any other song that was previous of it. "No Names Above The Names," as the song ironically implies with it's chosen title, is repetitive with an overload of extremeness (or what I would like to call bland extremeness.) Any other track I didn't mention are redundant as these tracks mentioned.

If I would say so myself, this is a waaaaaay better release than "World Ov Worms" because it has more diversity and an accessible sound (aka not boring.) "Aeon" indeed is the future of extreme sounding death metal and extreme metal in general. If you're looking for some good death/black metal with a unique industrial touch, then check out this release by Zyklon and disregard the existence of their debut release. This is the Zyklon sound and this is the sound of future madness.

Ear Candy: Psyklon Aeon, Core Solution, Subtle Manipulation, The Prophetic Method, An Eclectic Manner.