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ZYKLON B - Blood Must Be Shed {EP} - 99%

ZG, May 26th, 2009

This release is a massive holocaust. The soundtrack to the total warfare upon humanity. For me, if this was a full length album consisted of 7 more songs in the vein of the 3 represented here then I could talk about the "Reign In Blood" of black metal. I find it so "in your face" as very few times I have felt before.

The atmosphere produced by the keys of Ihsahn along with the nightmare lighting-fast guitar of Samoth is beyond imagination. You will not feel like this many times in your life listening to music. And of course I have to mention the sound clips that are scattered here and there. They give the extra bonus in the whole work. They give you the idea that war is coming. That you are in a difficult situation and an unknown enemy is approaching.

Aldrahn on vocal duties is as always fantastic. He (as always) feels the lyrics he is singing. Here his interpretation is full of desperation - a trademark of his voice in my opinion. One of the best vocalists of metal singing always with a feeling.

And for the end we have Frost behind the drum kit. There is not much to say about him. We are talking about a top class drummer that knows how and what to play in the exact moment. I like the way he plays in this release. Minimalistic but substantial. And I really enjoy the parts where he speeds up while already playing in blast beat mode. Listen and you will understand what I mean. Great!

About the sound there is not many I can write. It is perfect for the whole concept. You can say it is a black metal production but with clear and solid sound. The vocals, instruments, sound clips can be heard equally with none above or below in the mix. I am not a specialist. Just a fan of music and I say that the sound is just perfect and ideal to the recording!

For the end I would like to refer to the whole packaging. The cover art is exactly as it should be. I cannot imagine this release with another cover or layout in general. I own the first edition on Malicious Records. So I speak of it and I have no idea how the recent re-releases look like - except their front cover that is a bit altered and I do not like it. The booklet inside is just 2 pages. I would like more of it and especially I would like to contain the lyrics. The band photos and the paragraph above them are simply legendary.

A killer release that has only one disadvantage... it's duration. I would like more. At least one full length. Or at least a mini album. I've been an addict to this release. Recommended to everyone that likes generally black metal and all those who just "feel"... generally.

Victories do not simply happen...