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At this rate, blood WILL be shed... - 79%

Shadespawn, August 29th, 2009

There are certain things, be it objects, or abstract feelings, or whatever you can express or describe with your language and actions which are very important to begin with. It takes time, patience and most of all, a form of reasoning and wit to deal with them. To fully comprehend what is going on on this desolate planet, we must first start to analyse, not with linear logic, but our thoughts must divide themselves into more and more, similar to the branches of a tree. One could read a whole lot more about these sort of things, but, that aside, it's time to focus a little more on this little EP, which has apparently reached cult, or almost legendary status amongst the heavy metal subculture. Why?

We have here a sort of "musician supergroup", banded together as "Zyklon-B", which is a gas best known for its primary use in German concentration camps during World War II to systematically exterminate human life. A both shocking and provoking band name, they themselves claim it has no political meaning whatsoever, it seems sometimes necessary to attract attention. Through these aspects Zyklon-B have gained a very special sort of attention and reputation. As short lived projects tend to be either excellent or completely bad, Zyklon-B floats in a kind of grey zone, where it simply is not possible to find the right words to explain what's going on on this EP. It is supposed to be the embodiment of pure hate and aggression pointed at the human race. The reasons why someone would feel this way is self-explanatory, yet it is still very disputable whether this little EP has what it takes to reach the reputation it possesses. It may be atmospheric, for black metal standards alongside its apparent speed and aggressiveness, but not too much for it to be allocated to the typical "black metal synth" crap with the overdriven keyboards. It also has various moments that remind the listener of some of the bands in which the musicians are involved, such as Emperor or Gehenna.

The real problem of this EP is not its length, but its overall expressive force. Yes, it may be authentic enough and overall extremely aggressive and hatefilled, but this EP solves nothing. It does not inspire to do anything positive and it overreacts into oblivion, while certain other bands in this subculture actually have a rebellious message to share or at least a path that can be viewed from a different perspective. This EP is the absolute negation of positivity and the most frightening thing is, that it's the bitter truth. It is fully understandable why this EP exists and by no means is it a negligible piece of art, but it is the most negative thing you will ever hear. The quotes from well known, yet dubious, artist/musician/whatever Boyd Rice are also strictly direct and without any compromise. "War is good, AIDS is good, mass murder is good, gang violence is good, crack cocaine is good. Anything that contributed to depopulating the Earth is good." These are facts, induced by "modern" man. We, or the ones who aren't completely stupid, have to deal with them or create a state of being, where they will disappear entirely. If we don't, well let's just say this EP is right and we can only hope that our imaginary "god" will send his army of angels or smurfs or whatever to save us from our own self-induced extermination and take us to his invisible heaven, where there are no animals or evil or stones. Overall a nice little EP definitely worth picking up, full of ideological negativity which will hopefully make some people wake up from their dreamy state and start thinking and acting.