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Fucking Ferocious - 95%

Mrkoiking, September 21st, 2015
Written based on this version: 2008, 12" vinyl, Back on Black (Red vinyl, Reissue)

It is a shame that Zyklon B were not around for longer than they were, and it is a shame that they didn't release much more material, because this short but sweet EP is absolutely terrific. If you want vicious riffs, grim vocals, and blisteringly fast drumming, this is the EP for you. There may only be a small handful of tracks, but they really pack a punch. Zyklon-B managed to completely master war black metal in only a couple of tracks.

Blood Must Be Shed has a couple of highlights, one fo them being the track it opens up with. This brilliant track, entitled "Mental Orgasm", which features some excellent riffs. The opening riff is abrasive and memorable, being complimented by ultra fast blast beats which sound excellent. As the track evolves, keyboard comes in in the background to compliment the rest of the song. The keyboard may not be as offensive and hard hitting as the rest of the instruments, but it helps tie them together and highlight the melodic undertones. It must be said that although this EP is very aggressive, some of the progressions are awe-inspiring and, if played on violin, would fit right into any classical piece.

Warfare, the third track on this EP, is a real highlight. The melodic keyboards feel very powerful here, and the guitar playing is top notch. I feel that although the riffs, vocals, and drums are all perfect on this track, it would be lacking without the keyboards to add to the grand feeling of this record. One of the best things about this record is that it manages to surpass simply being "brutal" or "hard core and abrasive" and manages to be very interesting musically and very enjoyable to listen to. A sort of majestic chaos is the feeling you get when listening to this release.

For me, the best track on here is the closing one, a remix of Warfare, entitled Total Warfare. This takes the original, already excellent track, and spices it up a bit by inter-splicing some industrial sections and adding some rising and falling synths in the back, reminiscent of air raid sirens from the second world war. All of what is said about the original track applies here too. The little sections of dialogue are also quite interesting, for example, the whole song stops and an American voice says "For suicide instructions by credit card press 2". I think these are a really good way to highlight the misanthropic message of the band, and also add a little variety.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this to anybody who likes extreme metal. This is rightly regarded as a classic, and should be a must listen for anyone who likes extreme music. The soaring keyboards make it not so difficult to listen to either, as the melodic touch can be somewhat pleasant to hear. One of the greatest releases in the entirety of war black metal.