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Apocalyptic beasts of black metal - 95%

KornelKontros, January 23rd, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Cassette, Iron County Records (Limited edition)

Now I know that there is a place in the Balkans where hell triumphantly dwells. That place is called Banja Luka and it is the largest city and capital of the Republika Srpska, also the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zvijer emerged from the evil soils and cursed ashes of Banja Luka in the year of 2013 with one aim to spread the blackest feasible sonic plague to the inhabitants of this rotten earth. Now as the dark circle has finally been complete this truly barbarian black metal unit is ready to represent their first full-length album, which features eight possible ways of dissolving of the human souls. Frenzied and totally rough music in the true spirit of the 90's black metal bands is what you are going to experience there. Performed precisely and recorded professionally, but still with a production that is maximally loyal towards this charismatic style's initiators.

Regarding their lyrics, I can say and conclude easily from the song titles and graphical imageries that those are filled in with misanthropy, scorn and endless hatred to the humankind. If you ask me, such kind of anti-human and anti-religious lyrical approaches plus the constant longing for death are totally evident and simplistically the inevitable parts of Zvijer's harsh repertory. So the wild beast has been loosed upon this world, let's wait for its second coming!

Originally published at the website of Encomium 'zine.