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Descending Into Chaos!!! - 98%

black_embrace, January 21st, 2008

Humanity is doomed. The Earth shall fall. It’s apocalypse now! Well, so say the mighty Zonaria, Sweden’s melodic death metallers. Expect a brilliant intensity of brutality, dark, heavy riffs and insane drumming in their debut album, Infamy and the Breed. Twelve mind-spinning tracks will leave you descending into chaos, and reeling for more. “Pandemic Assault,” “The Armageddon Anthem,” and “Rendered in Vain” are easily their most successful songs. Comprehensible growls, catchy thrash and ominous synths all make for listenable music.

If you haven’t become one of the fallen by “Attending Annihilation,” which reaches epic proportions, you need to listen to the album again to appreciate its powerful, emotional and modern sound created by a very keyboard-driven symphonic atmosphere.They also share an uncanny resemblance to fellow Swedish band, Hypocrisy. This is nevertheless mature music-making by a promising young quartet.