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More fun than you can shake a dismembered limb at. - 75%

Andromeda_Unchained, August 2nd, 2012

Awoken…From coffins seeking flesh, Austria’s Zombie Inc. run towards the listener like the decaying rabble of the undead in which they so like to write their music about. Flaying flesh and dicing limbs; lock your doors, board the windows as Zombie Inc. have brought their brand of no-nonsense old school Death Metal to the slobbering masses.

A Dreadful Decease has a wonderful, filth encrusted sound, drawing similarities to the Swedish school of production. Although I would say the mix is both grime and precise, with a definite modern touch to the band’s undeniably old-school sound. The guitar riffs carve sadistic art into the flesh, the bass anchoring the scything guitars ensuring the kill when necessary. A solid drum battery hits like an adrenaline shot to the undead heart, now beating with insatiable hunger.

Zombie Inc.’s assault is largely triumphant, although their style is hardly original - and they aren’t exactly breaking new ground thematically - the band play with pride and energy, and sets them apart from your run of the mill “bread and butter” Death Metal act. Each individual aspect of their collective armoury is impressive, with their tools of the trade sharp and buff; ready for carnage.

Those looking for standouts or a quick number to check out before plying the board from the window should look towards “Deadtribe Sinister” which hits with lethal force, mid-paced with a good groove, likened to a sledgehammer falling to a pendulum swing smashing the skull into a jigsaw puzzle mess. “Horror Fills This Hollow Earth” has a great Swedish vibe, showcasing ZOMBIE INC.’s sardonic vocal style as well as some moody, scathing riffs. Before closing, I should also point you towards the band’s music video for “Challenge of the Undead”, as if you’re even remotely interested in the whole zombie fascination that has been sweeping over everyone I know for the last few years then you’re going to love it. Death by drumstick, need I say anymore? Overall a solid and fun slab of Death Metal; if the zombie apocalypse comes you’ll be able find me breaking skulls with this playing out of the stereo.

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