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Excellent - 90%

DMhead777, June 19th, 2008

The first time I heard this album I was at the Dethklok show in chicago. The sound guys were playing it before Dethklok came out, for the obvious reason of Nathan Explosion being on track 6. They played the entire album and I found myself headbanging to it before Dethklok came on. The next day I went to my local FYE and purchased this album..

I got in my car and popped in the cd. I heard the opening track before on youtube and knew what to expect. So, I sped up and listened to the other songs on the album. Skipped to track two and immediately was blown away by the double bass played by the genius Gene Hoglan. The entire song of "We Rule the Fucking Land" is excellent. It shows how extensive the Heathen's vocals can really become. The high pitched to low pitch vocals on this track are amazing.

As this album started playing and I got around half way through I noticed this album is described perfectly as Manowar mixed with with Strapping Young Lad due to the subject matter of metal and the high pitched vocal style of Devin Townsend. I can see why since he produced this album.

This album overall is absolutely hilarious. The lyrics are probably the funniest metal lyrics I have ever heard, next to Dethklok. For example, after Nathan Explosion (from the band Dethklok) rants about illiteracy in the US the lyrics to "The Vowel Song" start off as, "A, E, I, O, U..and sometimes Y!!" Also, in the first song, the constant bashing of Glam Rock is a must for any true metalhead.

I gave this album a 90 for the fact that it is hilarious, has excellent speed and thrash metal elements and is very unique in the ways of soloing and the high pitched vocals. I would have given it a 100, but after a while the songs start to sound the same and I find the vocals a tad too much like Townsend's.

Overall, it's a fantastic album that everyone must check out.