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Hilarious metal! - 86%

DGYDP, March 20th, 2008

Imagine metal mixed with hilarious lyrics. This is exactly what Zimmer's Hole is. Add some death metal, thrash metal riffs and talent. What you get is this album. When I first listened to it I thought it was Tenacious D playing metal, yet even better. Essentially, that's exactly what it is: a great parody on rock stereotypes put on awesome music.

Whether something is funny or not is subjective, though personally I find it weird that there are metal fans who don't laugh a single time when hearing this. Nathan Explosion (a persona Brendon Small uses for his comedy band Dehtklok) features on one track, 'The Vowel Song'. In it, he tries to read an announcement, but fails due to limited reading skills. He changes the subject to masturbation, talks about 'huge knockers dangling in front of your face' and then a cool death metal part kicks in. Overall, one of the greatest (metal-)comedy songs ever.

All comedy aside, the music on this album is actually awesome too. Gene Hoglan, as usual, doesn't disappoint and provides great thrash/death styled drumming. Jed Simon proves that after all these years he can still come up with incredible thrash or death riffs, as well as the occasional good solo. Chris Valagoa on his account provides one of the highlights of this album: the vocals. He alternates between death growls, thrash styles singing and even falsettos. Because of this, the album is very varied and doesn't bore after a couple of tracks or even repeated listens.

'When you were shouting at the devil' is the best Zimmer's Hole record to date, though I think they can top it. It's funny and contains good music, what more could you want? I recommend this to all death and thrash metal fans who have a sense of humour.