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This is a gem - 100%

hansvonguerra, January 10th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Independent

To cut a long story short: despite its brevity this is a perfect heavy metal recording and it has to be included in the circle of immortal rock albums. It is a concept album by the multi.instrumentalist Vorskaath based literally on a short novel by Robert Chambers. However, this recording is by no means easy to categorize - on the contrary, the disturbing short novel is intoned musically in a perfect way.

This is gem and having found this recording is a real stroke of luck for me. And it is unfathomable to me that this 14 minute masterpiece has so far only been available digitally. But it will only be a question of time before a publisher will take this step or Zemial will complete the recordings for a whole album respectively. This recording combines all the features that I appreciate about a very good record: a captivating musical theme, the instruments are treated skilfully and not affected, a strong production with a fitting mastering so that the music is still able to unfold. And this record is full of content and strength besides its mesmerizing character.
At the beginning there is a harmonic and melodic part held by the acoustic guitars and the synthesizer. This is followed by a very driving middle section in which the whole band come to the point. Noteworthy is the playing by the two session musicians: AR with a wiry yet demanding sounding bass and Aenceorg with his warm solo guitar. You will also find pending synthesizer intermezzi before the final section is announced by a furious almost jazz-like drum part. The actual final section is once again embedded in an acoustic and melodic theme similar to the beginning. The music is complemented perfectly by the versatile vocals Vorskaaths, which takes on the different characters and moods of the literary protagonist.

The background of the short story is explained informatively within the booklet (a .pdf file). Anyway, the suspense and the mood of the short story is carried by the music and it is perfectly intoned by the musicians. But above all, the recording gets its strength because of the passionate musical interpretation in addition to the powerful but unagitated production according to the background of the grim literary model.

You can purchase the recording directly from the band at their Bandcamp website.