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Karma to Burn on Top of the Fuji Mountain - 90%

bayern, October 10th, 2017

Let’s get together here today, gentlemen, and have a look at these beautiful Japanese damsels from old Osaka town who appeared right at the dawn of the 90’s, and were determined to have all the fun imaginable by playing some pretty impressive technical/progressive thrash. So much for the lack of emancipation in the conservative Japanese society…

Cause we have here the spokesgirls of the suffragette movement over there, no more no less, four valiant femme-fatales who came very close to putting to shame the whole pleiad from the male-dominated metal scene in the Land of the Rising Sun. As the borders between the old and the modern school in Japan have always been vague for a large portion of the practitioners (Doom, Gargoyle, Jurassic Jade, Outrage, Shellshock, Rosenfeld, etc.), even more so during the early-90’s, our girlfriends here have chosen the same nomansland to tread with this 4-tracker here which remains one of the more stylish technical/progressive thrash propositions from the Japanese underground.

Since my Japanese is still in its spawning stages, I’ll settle for numbers here, and here comes track 1 to bemuse the fans with a vast array of time and tempo changes, unheralded time-signatures, surreal riff configurations, sudden speedy crescendos, heavy choppy passages this multi-faceted carnival presided by a not very emotional mid-ranged clean croon, the girl behind the mike not hiding her fascination with two of the most prominent divas in the world of metal: Dawn Crosby (R.I.P.; Détente, Fear of God) and Leather Leone (Chastain). A most impressive inauguration which is followed by track 2, a surreal psychedelic trip with a strong Voivod-ish flair with hallucinogenic, disorienting rifforamas spiralling in and out of existence also recalling the works of the girls’ compatriots Doom save for the direct headbanging passage towards the end. Track 3 is the most linear offering with creepy minimalistic rhythms relying more on melodic embellishments and a more prominent bass bottom the latter staying around for the closing cut which is a relatively orthodox speedster with more light-hearted crossover pitch harmonics provided as a finishing touch.

That was going to be a beginning of a career that would be tough to beat, but the girls only released a single a few months later, the song being a harsh quasi-industrial headbanger without any redeeming technical qualities. Then they disappeared from sight for over 20 (!) years having found a remote retreat somewhere on Fuji Mountain, where they had all the time in the world to seriously ponder over their future musical predilections, and to burn all the negative karma they have gathered during their short-term roaming of the metal field…

This is a speculative scenario, of course, as I’m not quite sure if this is what happened indeed, but the girls seemingly came back revitalized, and the first logical step was to re-issue the demo here in all its exuberant intricate grandeur. Three new tracks were added to the old material those more straight-forward shredders without many more complex rifforamas, but quite belligerent and boisterous, mind you, the four beauties sounding well-equipped to usurp the male domination on the metal arena once again. Break a leg.. sorry, guitar, girls!