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A further step into originality.... - 92%

Gorespawn1975, September 1st, 2012

Having been quite familiar with Zebulon’s work in the past, I have been very eager to review his album, Swords of the Whordes. If you’re not familiar with this musician, Zebulon Kosted originates from Montana and has been releasing albums for some time. His style takes a little of everything; black metal, doom, drone and ambient and mixes it into a style that is actually quite original. Is it a bad thing to have so much going on? No, I have found a lot of his past releases bring something different to the table, and this is no exception.

The first track starts off with a bang and is my favorite track on the album. It opens up with blast beats and a swirling, discordant guitar riff over his trademark screams. Keep in mind, this is not a highly glossy production, rather along the lo-fi type, but it still works great with the composition.

On the second track, Zebulon gives us more of the drone style. I have to admit, if I heard this five years ago, I would have probably dismissed it, but this fits the album nicely. The third track is another song in the BM style that has some nice drums going on, almost a post punk feel about it. The album continues with another intermission ambient piece, and this seems to be the alternating theme throughout. The last track is a really nice, ambient piece that really brings everything to a standstill and closes out the album well.

Zebulon has released another great album in a scene of tired BM, and it won’t disappoint. There is a lot to ingest on this release, so if you’re looking for a straightforward, raw black metal, this release is not for you. If you are looking for a glossy Dimmu Borgir production, then look elsewhere. What you will find here is an album chock full of atmosphere, angular riffs, jazzy bass lines and screeching vocals. My only complaint is that it needed to have another one or two full length songs, but this still does not take away from this fine release.

The future looks bright for Zebulon Kosted, and I hope he will continue to bring these great ideas for us to enjoy.