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Well.... - 63%

Ernest_Hubbs, February 9th, 2010

I was expecting too much when I bought this, and I was a little disappointed. Both ZBT and ZK have TONS of releases each, and both have interesting reputations to say the least. Being lo-fi and unpolished can often times be a good thing in my opinion, especially when you are the consumer buying a cheap Split on Cassette. In this case though I think most people would share in calling this "Lackluster Black Metal".

Zarach Baal Tharagh from France is a one man band that has not comprimised, and as it seems has not changed its sound much in it's 27 years of existence. The vocals are the best part of this Splits performance for ZBT, because the drum programming is boring, and the guitar is sloppy. If you're 14 year old brother had brought these songs to you, you would think it was the coolest thing in the world, but coming from Luc Metz, a grown man with children of his own, it's easily sub-par. What I like about this is that it doesn't compromise, it's very raw and aggressive, and that it's not trying to sound like anyone else. What I don't like is the "one take and I'm out" approach.

Zebulon Kosted's albums don't get better or worse, they actually bounce around all over the place. This Split is a perfect example of a low point in this years progress. I say "this years progress" because he is putting out as many or more releases than ZBT every year, which is difficult to achieve. I honestly think that ZK was trying to match the one take wonderment of ZBT, and it failed. I am slightly more impressed with this side of the Split, because there is an evolving aspect throughout the 22 minutes that is interesting, and it's not nearly as sloppy as ZBT. The problem is that this track doesn't really go anywhere, and the different parts don't fit together particularly well. If Rachid would have spent more time writing quality riffs, and practicing them, his long song would have been really good.

With Splits, which I am buying more and more of these days, I always rate each band separately, and I'm not always looking for a lot of cohesion in the mix of music. I'm giving 28 points to Zarach Baal Tharagh and 35 points to Zebulon Kosted for this performance, and I think this is generous to both. I hope that both of these characters put out a better Split, with whoever it is they release a split with next, because this was kind of weak.