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A Waste Of Time, Energy, And Resources - 6%

OzzyApu, May 19th, 2009

The “Chapter” songs by ZBT (tracks 1-12) are hopeless clones of poorly produced early-Darkthrone knock-offs. The playing is sloppy, the guitars sound like flies in a jar, and I’m pretty sure I don’t hear any drums. Wait, I hear some stomach rumbling, but that could very well be the double bass (I really don’t know). Mertz sounds like a grandpa with tourettes – his vocals are a shot thicker than those witches from Beastmaster, yeah that one with the fine ass Tanya Roberts in it. It doesn’t help either that all the songs are short, yet go nowhere and hold no replay value. I will give props though to “Chapter 21” for sounding pretty cool by utilizing influences from early death metal atmosphere and sounding epic, but otherwise the rest goes to hell.

Stigma Diabolicum… now this band epitomizes torture – their probably on the international “how-to” on torture methods. It’s a test of patience, because all of the songs are instrumentals with endless ambient noise and, in “Death Chamber 1,” the jumping sound from Donkey Kong Country. The ambience is more like a wavy feedback overall some light keyboard playing. None of the tracks sound any good or memorable, but the production is a notch better than ZBT, if that means anything. Overall, the songs remind me of a flying saucer laying down a tractor beam and abducting someone – let’s just say it sounds spacey.

There… avoid this at all costs. It’s a waste of everyone’s time, and I’m just reviewing it to give the archives one less virgin album. Too bad this virgin had to be a fat, ugly, infected she-bitch…