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Unusual, NOT adviced record. - 0%

GraveWish, December 22nd, 2007

Let me start by saying that usually a metal band under a name such as: Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh, does not attract me in order to check their sound. But based on the huge amount of bad reviews toward this one man band’s work; I was curious enough to try to discover what Luc Mertz intend to approach to the listeners.

In fact this is worst then you may ever imagine. I don’t even dare to label this as music, but pure noise or maybe worse; noise can be hearable sometimes. I can’t find the right words to describe what you may hear on this record. I spent some time trying to discover if the sole member used some different instruments; but that was in vain. The mix is too confusing and unclear that I didn’t manage to distinguish any. Noise can be played using anything.

Every single song is played in the same way as the previous one. You feel that the whole demo represent one, not too long, track, Divided into 10 parts, where the useless vocals, if you hear some, doesn’t fit the harsh, repetitive noise played loud and too upfront; in a way that no listener may support to move forward to the next sub-song. Lyrics are meaningless, how dare I using the term “lyrics”! Banal words thrown here and there with occasional shrieks, dominated by the noise sound, can be heard, not too often, in the deep background. Another surprising thing to note is that the band is from France, where many great black metal bands reside.

One only good thing about this demo is it only existence via internet, as an online release for free download. No physical copies exist so far; it’s obvious why. Luc Mertz isn’t time to stop your noise pollution, after countless demos, by quitting the metal world and hanging yourself?

Overall this release can’t be considered more then a waste of time. If you have the curiosity to hear some unusual, considered black metal, music you may spend some minutes to download the demo, available at Smell the Stench net label web page for free download, and give it a fast listen. But trust me you may regret that!