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Doing This Just For The Review Contest - 21%

OzzyApu, May 19th, 2009

This piece of shit only deserves a piece of shit review, so here comes the diarrhea…

Ond Aand is a pretty bad band, I must say. It doesn’t quite stoop down to ZBT bad, but it’s damn close. There is still a hint of a rhythm and a driving melody, be it a folk one or an industrial sounding one, but it exists. “Eternal Season Pt. 1” kind of sounds like a poor (and I mean a poor man’s Drudkh. The vocals are sounds like an asthmatic ghost trying to imitate early Burzum vocals from behind a pane of glass. In fact, it sounds more like a toddler crying, and this isn’t being satirical, it’s a fact. Both this and track two sound like Drudkh rip-offs, but the quality is like an unrehearsed demo. It really sounds like rehearsal material to put up on MySpace, which I’m sure it was the purpose. Both tracks have some sort of eminence to them, but the guitars are screechy, the bass is non-existent, and the drumming is sloppy (thus killing any value). Not much else can be said about the other track, but its more on-the-spot rehearsal than a Drudkh copy. Regardless, all of them are way longer than they should be and aside from leaving no lasting impression, they give me an incurable sense of boredom.

Now for ZBT, well, it sucks. His songs are much shorter, which seems like a gift after being caught in a stalemate with Ond Aand’s tracks. However, they’re even more unbearable, but I will give the vocal nod to Luc Mertz, as he doesn’t sound like a crying baby. Unfortunately (but obviously), his vocals are so drowned out and low in the mix it doesn’t even matter. He fills most of his production with sound effects and holy shit sentence fragment I hear a bass that’s awesome but then I can’t help but get this eerie feeling of an underground Nazi occult bunker when “Human Shit” comes on - it’s nothing but some white noise and invariable effects played constantly and it’s annoying as shit. The Bathory cover sucks balls; it isn’t even audible under so much fuzz. All the instruments are so obscure and sunk under the poor mix that it’s like in a pool of it’s own excrement.

So, this split sucks both ways, and why settle for anything here when you can hear Drudkh or any other raw black metal band. Let this review be a warning to never download this if seek it out, never purchase a copy if you come across it, and never even listen to ZBT garbage. Anything this man creates is bound to make new Entombed sound as good as old Entombed.