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Still waiting for the punchline - 2%

CannibalCorpse, July 14th, 2007

The rising popularity of "Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh" on the forums of this website has almost tricked me into believing that Luc Mertz has improved since the abomination that was 2003's demo "Satan's Servants". Of course this is not the case, since a joke is always less funny the second time it's told.

This demo was released in 2005 (with some badly-drawn cover picture by "the man" himself - bad tongues say that there is an 16-page booklet included, but I doubt that "the man" would embarrass himself with these so called "drawing-skills even more) and features 12 songs of "occult raw black metal".

If you read my review of "Satan's Servants" you'll know what to expect. From the shitty, sloppily played guitar "riffs", the laughable "drumming" (he tends to switch between drum machines and different kitchen equipment being thrown at unknown devices) and the laughable vocal delivery, only one thing has changed: Mertz now tries to make his voice sound good with a distortion tool or some kind of vocoder, and of course, he again fails miserably.

Well, I guess Mertz has realized that his complete absence of talent is already obvious to everyone, that's probably why he keeps releasing the same shit over and over again, hoping to gain some comedy cult status among those who appreciate this kind of "humor".

One of the saddest things is actually a different thing; it is said that both his wife and his daughter have created "ambient" projects, so it's obvious that the incapability of creating art is, in fact, heritable.

You should only listen to this if you want to feel better about yourself.