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It's bad, but not all THAT bad... - 9%

SvalbardDave, February 23rd, 2008

First off, this one-man project by Luc Mertz is self-called an "experiment" and is also listed as "Demo 39". Moreover, it's on a "split-CD" with a project from Estonia called Gruuthaagy. You simply can't get any more low-budget than that.

Having been familiar with experimental and "avant garde" music for a number of years I felt it appropriate to contribute my two cents here. Plus, common logic would have me say that there is no such project that would deserve an absolute ZERO percent rating, as that would indicate zero talent, zero musical vision, zero effort, zero everything. We can't say that kind of thing and still be objective. We can say how much we hate something. I would probably put this recording on such a list as that. I'm only listening to this because I too have heard of how bad it is.

There are distinguishable instruments being used here, and some effort must be acknowledged for that reason. I can certainly hear the use of a guitar, although with all the post-processing distortion happening, it's hard to tell if there is just a bass guitar or a bass- and six-string regular guitar. The drum sound is so muffled that there's no distinguishing it from an air-conditioner box. Still, though, the beats can be heard and matched up to the other noise that's going on.

I cannot really say whether this could be categorized as "black metal" or not, save for the one aspect of sounding purely demonic, which is more characteric of the "early Bathory"-era black metal sound. This, however, is by no means a comparison to Bathory. I would probably categorize this demo as something more like "black noise".

Not all tracks sound exactly the same, as once said. There are some variations heard, exactly the kind of thing one could expect from a project labeled "Experiment." All in all, I was thankful that the experience ended rather quickly and that this release was available for free download. Thank you, Smell The Stench Records, for giving visitors the "listen-and-delete" option. For a truly objective and diverse listening experience, try this out once. I'm giving it a 9 out of 100.