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Dead As Shit - 1%

OzzyApu, May 19th, 2009

This demo was meshed up with Ond Aand for the Raw Recording 2004 split that sucked the big ones. It’s the exact same version, so there really is no change other than the title. Therefore, I ask you to hold the criticism as I mention exactly what I said in that review, but limited to just ZBT.

These songs are much shorter, which is just what we need from a man who doesn’t know what kind of music he wants to produce, but he throws all his ideas in anyway. His vocals border that of a demon with strep throat and are so drowned out it doesn’t even matter. He fills most of his production with sound effects and holy shit sentence fragment I hear a bass that’s awesome but then I can’t help but get this eerie feeling of an underground Nazi occult bunker when “Human Shit” comes on - it’s nothing but some white noise and invariable effects played constantly and its really annoying. The Bathory cover sucks balls; it isn’t even audible under so much fuzz. All the instruments are so obscure and sunk under the poor mix that it’s like in a pool of it’s own excrement. The outro is just another minute and a half of pointless sound effects and noise thrown in for whatever measure.

Thankfully, this demo doesn’t even push ten minutes. What puzzles me is that there exist people that think this is good shit, praising Mertz for his talent, as if they forgot that Iron Maiden exists and that one song of theirs… any song of theirs… is better than everything ZBT has created.