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Never. Again. - 0%

Countenance, July 24th, 2010

So, to start out this epic story, let's just say I was filing aimlessly through my friends CD collection. This collection, however, consisted of nothing but glam, hard, and soft rock. Suddenly, by nothing but chance, I come across a demo, with an interesting name, and a half-assed album cover. So I decide to pop it into my stereo.

This, gentlemen, was the worst mistake I could have made. Through my cheap speakers comes nothing but pathetic noise. Not one note can be told from another. Not a single drum hit can be told from another. It is nothing but pathetic, and useless noise.

But I thought to myself, maybe this was just an intro, or this was just how the first song was. But no. I lied to myself. Every other "song" sounded exactly the same. They all started the same. They all progressed the same. They all finished the same. Hell, I don't even know if they were even songs. It's like they put a mic beside a busy highway beside a construction site, recorded it for a couple hours, and sped it up, adding the fucking worst vocals you will ever listen to. That is exactly what this was like.

Now, on to the artist himself. Luc Mertz. What the fuck is he thinking. He thinks of an interesting "band" name, puts together a somewhat eye-catching album cover... but is too fucking lazy to write actual music? Hell, he's even too fucking lazy to think of song titles. What the fuck.

In summary, this demo is nothing but complete and utter shit. Don't even bother buying it, if you can find it. Hell, don't even fucking download it. It's a waste of a few megabits. Seriously. Don't.