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Putrid - 12%

OzzyApu, May 19th, 2009

So I’m here on what I’m assuming is some Vietnamese blog and I don’t remember how I got here. I’m some pages forward in Google I’m guessing and this seems to be the only place where I can download this demo – would paste it here but I’m in fear of this not getting accepted if I do. Anyway, I’ve finally obtained this release and it’s been one of the most intriguing for me of ZBT’s early demos only because of the cover art. Something about it is striking to me, I don’t know.

So how does it sound? Like shit, what did you expect?

I’ll admit, “Parasite” reminds me of 80s heavy metal, even under the distortion. The drums kick well into gear surprisingly and the riff is, to some degree, “ok.” That still doesn’t excuse it from sounding like a chainsaw running next to your ear. Literally, still no bass and very annoying vocals that sound like it’s coming from a child. No joke, hear “Born To Die,” it’s like some baby was born and is screaming into the mic. The other two don’t fare any better because they’re almost exactly the same (sans the baby vocals) and are as memorable as deodorant in lava.

When you come across a ZBT demo, it’s likely going to sound like all +100 of his other releases – horribly produced, unrehearsed noise that just passes off as raw black metal. Do what I do – go in with no expectation whatsoever, it works wonders.