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Average heavy metal from south Spain - 62%

dospa, July 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2009, CD, Santo Grial Records (Enhanced)

"Más Allá" is Zanarkand's first album, a Granada band born in 2005. Zanarkand practices a classic heavy metal with lyrics in spanish and powerful rhythmic guitars that guide the compositions using effective riffs with palm mutting.

The album begins with a soft medieval intro with organ and synthesizer that create a suggestive atmosphere as a prelude to the 37 minutes and 8 songs that includes the record. In the song that opens the record we can find all the elements that characterize the work of Zanarkand, heavy metal of classical influence with the use of synthesizer for accompany and create atmosphere. As for the voice we will find only melodic voices with highs as they mark the classical canons of heavy.

We can find some ballads in the record like 'Último adios' and some folk hints along with catchy medieval riffs and marked changes of rhythm in the track that gives the title to the album. Also there is an instrumental track "Fuerzas de la oscuridad" with influences of Iron Maiden accompanied with a synth. The album closes with less classical sound and more power metal vibe.

It is difficult to appreciate other influences that are not classic heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden but subtly you can appreciate at other times other types of influences such as northern Europe´s black metal as for example in 'Traición' or 'Fuerzas de la oscuridad' where some part remembers to The Covenant. Or in 'Avanzar' in which certain moment seems to be taken from the Pantera´s 'Cowboys from hell'. The artwork is not the greatest but is fine, showing a castle that seems founded in a mountain with skull form over a lake of blood all under a red sky.

The CD is accompanied by playable stuff on the computer, among which we find the videos made for two of the tracks on the album. The first video corresponds to 'Ficcion o realidad' that aleternate images of the band playing in an abandoned building and images of soldiers in battle. The second video corresponds to 'Fuerzas de la oscuridad' is a collage of band´s memories through photos taken throughout the history of the band. The album is produced by the band, recorded and mixed at the EES Deifontes studios in Granada and is distributed by the Asturian label Santo Grial.

(Originally written in Spanish for