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Genuinely Evil...a Nice Change of Pace! - 75%

doomknocker, April 3rd, 2015

Zorormr is a Polish-borne one-man black metal act doing its part to fuse the rawness of their given style and the horror of dark ambient into an otherworldly sound all their own. Though only around since 2010 they've apparently made quite the name for themselves with some well-received recordings, three or so in the past five years of said existences (which is pretty good for a group as young as this...), with their latest being thrust from the Netherworld earlier this year...

"Corpus Hermeticum" sets the stage with the wicked rage one comes to expect with this approach but with a few extra odds and ends thrown in; in particular, much of the riffwork and leads are more reminiscent of thrash and death metal mixed with black metal's sense of storm cloud-choked darkness. This in turn prevents the entirety of the work from being too grimly stagnant and relying too much on an emulation of what made the style so frightening at first (an Orthodox BM act this is not). The music actually speaks for itself as well as the aura in which one comes to expect with this, yet for all the group's ugly monochrome appeal, the material tends to lean plentifully on the blasting melodicism of post-Demonaz Immotal and the trawling arrangements of a simpler Gorgoroth, all those sudden bursts of blast-beating frenzies, doom-laden bridges and naturally demonic vocalizing really driving the dark point home. As well, the production is, to my own delight, strong and clean, with enough clarity to take in every offertory bit of the talent therein (including a couple interesting cameo appearances of Mike Wead and Vader's, Really?? Didn't expect that at all...).

What we have here isn't exactly an album to turn the entirety of a genre on its head, but that doesn't matter as the material itself is solid and, in certain respects, memorable. It's been a while since a new black metal album was able to really rope me in and keep me entertained from end to end and this really did the trick, much to my surprise. Much of this I can attribute to the accessibleness of the material, which tends to run counter to what this genre normally shoots for, yet if you ask me you can strike down your spiritual foes far better and easier when they can understand what you're saying versus coming at them as a wall of blurred, incomprehensible noise. And for that I really give the head ZORORMR dude props for finding a method from the mountain of madness and making it work for himself, and us as well.

At the end of the day, "Corpus Hermeticum" is a strong and potent black metal record that doesn't need to rewrite the book due to its own level of grotesque strength. Definitely one of the better one-man operations out there, it would behoove corpsepainters from yesteryear to now to not give this a gander and listen. Ave? Of course.