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Disappointing - 55%

onionpants, November 4th, 2004

Whereas "Dying Sun" was an absolutely brilliant release, this is extremely pedestrian. For some unknown reason Yyrkoon has chosen to distance itself from the unique style they had developed on DS and devolve into just another thrash/death metal band. Within the context of a thrash/death CD, "Occult Medicine" is a decent piece of work. This is a crowded field however, and OM simply does nothing to rise above the pack.

The musicianship and production are excellent. The songs are brutally heavy and fly by like jackhammers with the precision of surgical drills. All are capable; none are standouts. And each track is so similar in pace and style that redundancy sets in very quickly.

To sum it up, OM fails considerably where DS excelled; the memorability factor. Don't buy this if you are expecting "Dying Sun II" or you will be sorely disappointed. If you are a thrash/death metal completist with money to burn you may wish to add "Occult Medicine" to your collection. It's not a terrible record, and certain parts of it are likely to grab your attention. As for the rest of us with more limited resources and an ear for something with staying power, there are much worthier options for which to part with your hard earned cash.