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A New Milestone in the Death Metal World - 100%

adastra318, December 10th, 2005

Let me begin by saying “perfection” isn't a strong enough word to describe this band or this release. This is by far, in my opinion, their strongest, most mature album to date. And might I add that they take the theme of the mad doctor to new and horrific heights. Before you give this album a spin, you should forget about any Death Metal standards you once knew, because this bulldozes them. No band even comes close in my books to what they've accomplished this time around, not Decapitated, Aborted, Psycroptic, none of them compare to the mighty onslaught that is Yyrkoon. Every riff is razor sharp, the bass-lines roar in suffocating peril, and the drumming will shatter you eardrums at dizzying velocities.

The short, although powerful intro sets the tone for the album with malicious flesh feasting sound effects and quick ravenous blast-beats in the background, moving swiftly into the punishing Doctor X, not letting go of your throat as it throttles you for the next three tracks. The only breath you will get comes in the title track, only to give you time to listen to your pulse on the heart machine, just so you know you're still alive. Just when you think you've survived through the worst of it, you realize it was only the eye of the storm. Reverent Horde pummels you deeper than you were before, viciously assaulting your ears. The ferocious bombardment only intensifies as the album progresses, choking every pathetic ounce of hope out of you, until there is nothing left. When the dust settles, and the mighty beast that is Yyrkoon relinquishes its forceful grip, only then does your acrid blood flow again. You let out a stale, dry breath of confusion, terror, and utter bewilderment, staring at your CD player, wondering what just has happened. Then you slowly but surely realize that you've just experienced one of Death Metal’s most important releases in the past five years at least. A new benchmark has been set, and will not be surpassed with any amount of ease.

Osmose has a real gem on their hands here, perhaps the best band they've ever signed. Yes that’s right, better than Angelcorpse, Enslaved or even Impaled Nazarene. Yyrkoon are the new Gods of Death Metal, the leaders of the new revolution changing the face of this mighty genre. I can't even imagine what they will sound like next time around, I can't fathom what improvement would sound like! Is it possible to be better than this? Until someone proves me different, I think not. (Jason Carnage)

*Origionally done for Hyperblast Metal Webzine*