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An underrated landmark in brutality - 98%

Writhingchaos, February 13th, 2016

Apart from their strange name (seriously try pronouncing it) I was pretty much unaware of what I was getting myself into, apart from the fact that they were undoubtedly one of the top French metal acts. As soon as “Doctor X” started ripping through my earphones, I was overwhelmed by the sheer outflow of pounding brutality with no shortage of ass-kicking riffs all the way with a heavy dose of groove thrown in as well as the absolutely annihilating performance of drum god Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork fame. Be it lightning fast fills or blasting madness or a crazy flurry of drum rolls and double bass insanity, he completely owns your soul and mind from the very start of the album. Headbanging utopia awaits my metal brethren, so don’t waste any time. Slaughter all the scene kids and wannabe metalheads with this song alone. Of course there are many more, I’m just saying this for the time being. Which brings me to another point; why the heck aren’t these guys as widely known as Gojira or Deathspell Omega, may I ask? Anyways moving on to the album.

The riffs and drums simply crush you with the weight of a thousand cannonballs being fired simultaneously. Think the devastating riffs and Polish brutality of Vader/Lost Soul/Azarath and the groove of Nevermore married with the razor sharp technicality and vocals of Decapitated while adding a small dash of 80s German thrash (think Sodom/Kreator) and you have the answer. There’s even a bit of the Gothenburg sound as well, reminding me of early Arch Enemy and Chainheart Machine era Soilwork. Maybe not the best comparison, but you’ll see exactly what I mean once you’re done listening to this beast.

Just so you know, there are no slow or brooding songs there at all; each and every song is as unrelentingly brutal as the one before with no exceptions. There are a lot of chugging riffs but they are sparingly used, unlike most other metal bands. These French maniacs just dialled the intensity all the way up to 11 while watching your ass get shredded into complete mush. The band doesn’t let up for even a second. To take this kind of a blistering approach to extreme metal while at the same time, keeping the songwriting and riffs firmly in place is more than commendable indeed. The entire (quite frankly, useless) genre of Brutal Death Metal needs to learn a lot from this album. If you’re looking for teaser tracks giving you the perfect combination of brutality and groove “Blasphemy”, “Censored Project”, “Schyzophrenic Carnage” and “Surgical Distortion” will suit you just fine. Ahh screw it; just listen to the whole damn album already.

The almost atmospheric intro of the title track is quite a surprise leading to the most groove laden song of the album. “Trapped Into Life” even has clean vocals that fit in marvellously with the song. Another savage ripper of a track. The leads are just SICK, almost have a classic heavy metal flavour to them at times. Picking out specific standouts is quite useless as this album pretty much functions as a 46 minute long slab of brutality. Of course that’s not to say you won’t have your personal favourites. I honestly pity you if you’ve yet to hear this album. I don’t care how you do it, but get it without further ado. Albums with this level of musicianship and brutality are truly one in a million. Unless for some inconceivable reason you happen to be a Euro-power metal fan who only digs “uplifting” and “happy” power metal 24/7 and worships at the altar of Dragonforce, you should like this regardless of your metal preferences.