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Blackened Crust Meets Non-Shitty Metalcore - 84%

dystopia4, December 7th, 2017

While Young and in the Way's last two splits were good but a bit ho-hum when considered in the framework of their larger discography, matters are stepped up a notch for their split with Withdrawal. I guess you could call Withdrawal a metalcore band (it's what their MA page lists them as), but fear not as rather than being Hot Topic tripe, they play the style that term originally denoted. Young and in the Way steps up their game considerably from the previous splits, with black metal bursting venomously back into the fold. Withdrawal kick monstrous amounts of ass and their sound actually works pretty well next to YaitW's.

Young and in the Way start the split and you can really see where they'd be heading for When Life Comes to Death. That album would easily become one of the best mixes of black metal and crust punk and you can really see that style starting to congeal here. Hardcore has always been an integral part of the YaitW experience, but for When Life Comes to Death the crust and black metal was mixed so seamlessly and savagely that it completely reinvigorated an already amazing sound. Their side of the split lacks the booming production of the aforementioned album, but the style is still very much the same and filled with murderous savagery and massive confrontational riffs. It's just a lot rawer.

Well you could say Withdrawal play metalcore, it doesn't have much to do what the term metalcore means to most people today. I admittedly don't have the best frame of reference, but this makes me think a no-frills Unbroken. While the intent leans very much on the hardcore side of things, the riffs are unmistakably metallic. They do throw in some beatdowns, though. The vocalist's bark has bite, but he's not so unhinged as to become undecipherable. The drums are killer, technically proficient and the dude knows how to rock a fill.

This is easily Young and in the Way's best split to date. YaitW showcase their evolving style which would fully blossom with the modern classic When Life Comes to Death. It's cool to see this style done with much rawer execution. Withrawal play in a style I honestly haven't heard that much of but I really dig what they do. They bring the rage and have the riffcraft and songwriting chops to make it worth coming back to. If you're only going to check out one YaitW split, make it this one.