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Check it if you Dug the Last Split - 71%

dystopia4, December 7th, 2017

If you've heard Young and in the Way's split with Torchrunner, it should give you a decent idea of what to expect here. Hardcore is once again the order of the day, and both bands unsurprisingly sound pretty damn pissed. Again, the hardcore band provides the stronger side of the split, which is a shame because YaitW is usually a monumental force of nature. I don't want to say they're on autopilot for these splits because their hardcore outbursts are still good and lots of fun to listen to, but they don't really have the same replay value of YaitW's more noteable work. Moral Void picks up the slack, thankfully.

Young and in the Way kick this off with reasonably blackened hardcore. "Midst of Night" is cool, but not as riffy as their usual fare. Later in the song they scale down the pace and drop a big ol' sludge riff and this is definitely the highlight. While not really wandering off the beaten track, Moral Void's half is a hell of a lot of fun. They play this really riff-driven crusty hardcore that goes hard in the motherfucking paint. Their production is fairly raw but still has a really big feel about it, with the drums being mixed particularly well for such a dirty sound. While they like to end their songs with big sludgy slowdowns, most of it is a high-octane ragefest. The raspy barks of the vocalist spew pure vitriol. All in all, have to say I'm pretty impressed by these dudes.

If you liked Young and in the Way's previous split, you'll probably dig this. If not, don't bother. "Midst of Night" is honestly one of YaitW's weaker songs, but Moral Void does a great job at unleashing some ass kicking hardcore belligerence. Once again, not really an essential split but worth giving a shot if you dig crusty hardcore.