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I've Got Your Name - 70%

dystopia4, December 7th, 2017

I find it a bit curious that Young and in the Way teams up with a hardcore band and the other band ends up sounding more black metal, but here we are. This is a crusty hardcore split through and through, but Torch Runner surprisingly drudges up a blackened aesthetic that YaitW decides to drop in favour of going on a balls-to-the-wall hardcore rampage. This split is short and to the point. It's not anything particularly notable in YaitW's discography, but if you're jonesing for some hardcore aggression, this is a decent fix.

Torch Runner actually sound more like YaitW than YaitW does here, if that makes any sense. Their big, sledgehammer riffing approach is quite similar and Torch Runner clings to a blackened vibe that YaitW chooses to largely ditch. While "Pulpit Plague" is a straight ahead furious hardcore blitzkrieg, the go-hard-or-go-home blackened crusty hardcore of "No Friend of Mine" makes up the lion's share of their side. It's heavy, aggressive, has hints of sludge and even melody and has by far the best songwriting of the split.

Young and in the Way use their side to release a quick but deadly hardcore assault. "Rehash" kicks off with cascading toms and a menacing sludge groove before jumping off into sluggish but incensed hardcore. The embittered wails of "I've got your name" confirm the band is out for blood. The pace picks up for "Provenance" before the song collapses into a crusty sludge lurch complete with ominous leads. "Death" is a really weird little oddity. It starts off as this weird lead-driven doom thing with rasps over top but shortly swaps over to ominous synth work. I feel some cool ideas are hiding in there but the song is too short and underdeveloped to leave a real impact.

Overall, Torch Runner/Young and in the Way is a neat little split, if ultimately unconsequential in the bands' respective discographies. Torch Runner take the cake here with "No Friend of Mine", but YaitW know how to bring the rage when it comes to hardcore and the sludgy touches are a nice bonus. This obviously isn't a good starting point when it comes to either band, but checking this out can't hurt if you dig the style.