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Generic, but well done for its time period - 75%

Crossover, December 18th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1996, CD, Black Mark Production

This band seemed to float around on obscure labels before getting picked up by Black Mark, who usually has a pretty good ear for talent. This appears to be a rerecording of the album they released the year before also called Metaphors. The style here is good 80's-influenced thrash metal that attempts a more prog or technical approach at times, but the musicians, while fairly tight, aren't necessarily fully fit for it. This makes it end up sounding a bit unique.

I guess Voivod could be be a comparison, especially in the opener which is to me clearly the best tune on the album. Mystik is another band that is similar, especially in the vocal department, and just the half-tech sound of it really reminds me of Megadeth, especially in tracks like Imposed Silence. It feels a bit more North American in its influence than Euro. Sprinkled through the album are some sound bites. They are tasteful and the production as a whole is pretty nice.

One noticeable thing about this album is the band never races into full-out thrash aggression. It focuses more on attempts to be clever in riff delivery rather than relying on speed. An especially slower track is the finisher, Messiah. It is a good song, dark and gloomy with an almost doom-like delivery which breaks into thrash a few times.

The whole album is listenable. It isn't gonna blow your mind, but the riffage here is well and varied even if it isn't extremely exciting. I believe I found it for a few bucks on Amazon or somewhere, it might be worth it for thrash collectors.

Recommended tracks: Destiny Eternity, Perpetual, The Messiah.